From the Associated Minister of RE

Meet Mr. Barb Greve, Sabbatical Religious Educator

Mr. Barb Greve will serve as the half-time Sabbatical Religious Educator (SRE) at UUCPA from November 1, 2017 to March 1, 2018. He will be supervising the children, youth, and adult religious education programs while Rev. Dan Harper, UUCPA’s Associate Minister of Religious Education, is on sabbatical. Barb is credentialed by the Unitarian Universalist Association … Continued

From your Associate Minister of Religious Education

This is my last newsletter column before I start my sabbatical on October 1, and the most important thing I have to tell you is this:– You should attend the “Pot of Gold” UU Religious Education Conference” on SAt., Sept. 30. The keynote speaker is going to be Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed, and Unitarian Universalist minister and … Continued

From your Associate Minister of Religious Education

Summer is one of the best time for families to come to UUCPA. Summer Sundays are relaxed and low-key. Summer Sunday school feels more like summer camp. It’s a great time to connect with old friends, and meet people you don’t know yet. Just remember that UUCPA has only one Sunday service, at 10:30, from June … Continued

Associated Minister of RE’s Sabbatical Update

The UUCPA Board has approved a sabbatical for Dan Harper, our Assoc. Minister of Religious Education, from Oct. 1, 2017, through Feb. 28, 2018. Two committees have been chosen to make the sabbatical go smoothly. One committee has been charged with hiring a part-time staff person to fill in while Dan is on sabbatical (as … Continued

From your Associate Minister of Religious Education

The Board of Trustees has authorized a sabbatical for me from October, 2017, through February, 2018. The Children and Youth Education (CYRE) Committee, the Adult Religious Education (ARE) Committee, and the Committee on Ministry were all consulted before this sabbatical was authorized. The months of October through February were specifically chosen so that there will … Continued

Why You Should Bring Kids to the Intergenerational Easter service

As a parent, you may want to know why you should bring your children to the annual Easter intergenerational service. Here are three reasons:  It’s a key part of our religious education program. This is our chance to tell children our interpretation of Easter and of Jesus, a rational interpretation that is sadly missing in … Continued

From your Associate Minister of Religious Education 4/1/2017

We have had to cancel the ecology camps for gr. 2-5 and gr. 6-8, scheduled for mid-June. These camps have been run by Mike Abraham and me, and we thought we were on track to hold them this year. But then we had some key staff who were unable to return, and on top of … Continued

CYRE Spring Project: Ecology Experiments

The CYRE Committee is introducing a new Spring Project for gr. K-5 – Ecology Experiments! From March 26 through May 7, we’ll be offering fun ecology-centered activities for elementary aged kids. Projects may include ecology-oriented crafts, quilting, games, cooking, etc. There will be fun ecology-oriented skits and environmental songs to sing. Kids like coming to … Continued

Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE) News – Rev. Dan Harper

  We have over fifty children and teens enrolled in our Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive sexuality education programs right now, at four different age levels: grades K–1, grades 4–6 (puberty), grades 7–9 (early adolescence), and grades 10–12 (adolescence). Close to half of those en- rolled are not part of UUCPA, testifying to the high … Continued