We sight-read a different play three times every month. The host provides scripts and we assign parts at the meetings. The group chooses plays, which range from classic Greek to current hits.

UU members and friends and non-UU guests are welcome and will be offered a part to read. Call, email, or snail-mail in advance to reserve a role for Monday or Tuesday evening or Friday matinee, or just come and take your chances.

The usual schedule (refer to upcoming events for more details and/or changes to the schedule):

Second Monday: 7 to 10 pm in Room 9
Third Friday: 1:30 to 4:30 pm in Room A
Fourth Tuesday: 7 to 10 pm in Room 9

Contact: Tom Morgan (tom_m@uucpa.org)

Registration: Not required

Group URL: Realm Thespians Group (login required)

Upcoming Events in Thespians

Nothing scheduled at this time.