Are you interested in putting your principles to work?

The Action Council seeks to connect people to meaningful justice work.  We can connect you with current UUCPA Task Forces which are taking action on specific issues. We can help you launch a new Task Force.

Action Council Charter

Task Forces:

  • work on specific projects that embody UU principles
  • engage the wider congregation
  • publicize their activities within and outside the congregation
  • may include advocacy, direct action, education, service, or community organizing
Benefits of Being a Task Force:
  • pulpit time by minister or guests
  • designated space in newsletter, website, and bulletin boards
  • priority for staff time, calendar-setting, pulpit announcements, and patio space.

Email the Action Council for an application form.

Current Task Forces
  • Ridding the World of Nuclear Weapons
  • Welcoming Congregation

The Action Council Philosophy

The mission of the UUCPA Action Council is to empower the congregation to take action for social and environmental justice in the larger community, in accordance with our Unitarian Universalist principles and our congregational commitment to transforming ourselves, each other, and the world.

Group URL: Realm Action Council Group (login required)

Upcoming Action Council Events

Nothing scheduled at this time.