Each month the Church supports a Justice Partner (formerly called “Cause of the month”) by donating 10% of non-pledge offerings at the Sunday services. The UUCPA Action Council reviewed the current program, considered current and new causes advocated by members, evaluated and then presented a slate of organizations to the congregation for approval at the Annual Meeting on April 23, 2017.

Factors that were given priority in making the recommendations for fiscal year 2017-18 were our relationship with the group, including whether there is a related Action Group; who they serve; what is their funding base; and balance among social service, direct action, education, community organizing and advocacy causes.

There is one new Justice Partners selected for fiscal year 2017-18, Sequoia Adult School Scholars (SASS).

If you have any questions or feedback on Justice Partners, please talk to one of the members of the Action Council.

Current and Upcoming Justice Partners

Nothing scheduled at this time.

Past Justice Partners

April 2018 – Justice Partner - Green Sanctuary Choice (currently Acterra Solar Project)

The Justice Partner for April is Green Sanctuary Choice (currently Acterra Solar Project).

March 2018 – Justice Partner - UUs Ending Modern Slavery

The Justice Partner for March is UUs Ending Modern Slavery.
UUs Ending Modern Slavery (formerly UU Abolitionists) is a growing organization of Unitarian Universalists dedicated to ending human trafficking, led by members of the UU Fellowship of Santa Cruz County and UUCPA’s minister, Amy Zucker Morgenstern. Approximately 27 million people worldwide are enslaved, more than at any time in history. They are in every country, including the United States, and their stolen labor creates products we consume every day.Through education and action, the UUs Ending Modern Slavery rally today’s Unitarian Universalists to work for freedom for all.

February 2018 – Justice Partner - Ada's Cafe

The Justice Partner for February is Ada’s Cafe.
Located in the Mitchell Park Community Center, Ada’s Cafe and Catering is dedicated to hiring, training, and empowering people with disabilities in a commercial food service business. Ada’s provides jobs for the disabled while creating numerous employment and internship opportunities for other local teens and college students as job buddies. Ada’s core values are Commercial Success, Community Values, and Compassionate Employment. [website]

January 2018 – Justice Partner - Stevenson House

The Justice Partner for January is Stevenson House.
Stevenson House’s mission is to provide affordable housing where older, independent adults enjoy a safe and caring community. Stevenson House opened its doors in 1968. Built under the sponsorship of Palo Alto Senior Housing Project, Inc., Stevenson House has received ongoing support from the UUCPA and also from the greater community.

December 2017 – Justice Partner - Outlet

The Justice Partner for December is Outlet, a program of Adolescent Counseling Service (ACS).

Outlet is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning (LGBTQQ) Youth organization based in Mountain View,California. As the Peninsula‘s only comprehensive LGBTQQ youth organization, it has provided services to LGBTQQ youth and adults who work with youth in the Bay Area. Bilingual Spanish services are also provided.

November 2017 – Justice Partner - South Bay Sanctuary Covenant

The Justice Partner for November is South Bay Sanctuary Covenant.
South Bay Sanctuary Covenant (SBSC) is an interfaith, non-partisan organization of churches and individuals in the Bay Area from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. The group is concerned with peace, justice and liberation for the people of Central America and for the refugees who have fled these areas.

October 2017 – Justice Partner - Opportunity Center

The Justice Partner for October is The Opportunity Center.
The Palo Alto Opportunity Center offers studio and 1–2 bedroom family apartments. The Center also provides light meals, clothing, a mail address, bus passes, case management, and emergency rent assistance to homeless and at–risk people.

September 2017 – Justice Partner - Hotel de Zink

The Justice Partner for September is Hotel de Zink.
Hotel de Zink, a rotating church shelter program run by InnVision, Hotel de Zink is hosted by UUCPA during September. We offer breakfast, bag lunch, dinner, and a place to sleep for 10–15 homeless community members. We need volunteers to provide dinner each night as well as funds to cover costs for breakfast and lunch food and supplies.

August 2017 – Justice Partner - Day Worker Center of Mountain View

The Justice Partner for August is The Day Worker Center of Mountain View.
The Day Worker Center has two main areas of service. They serve hundreds of local homeowners and businesses by providing job–matching services to day labor, and (most important from the justice perspective) serve the immigrant community by matching them with those jobs. They are committed to providing tools to empower day workers (mostly immigrants from Mexico and Latin America) as members of this community. They seek to help workers enter more fully into the life of the community by offering classes in English as a Second Language (ESL), GED, computer and job skills, and sewing. (web site)

July 2017 – Justice Partner - California Clean Money Campaign

The Justice Partner for July is The California Clean Money Campaign.

Their vision is achieving an open and accountable government that is responsive to the needs of all Californians.  The short term goal is passing the California DISCLOSE Act for improved disclosure on political ads. website