Undie Sundays typically run in the month of December.

These are the days we bring a lot of underwear, including shoes, gloves and hats to give to homeless and very poor people.  For them, these items are particularly helpful during the cold months of the year.  We then also bring money to buy anything we did not get.  Our gifts will be distributed through the Opportunity Center.

A note from Litsie Indergand: We have been doing Undie Sunday for twenty years but this may be the last time.  We need a volunteer to take this job over.  I have been doing it all this time – it has been a wonderful twenty years but  I think I need to stop.  If anyone volunteers, I will be happy to tell that person all about it but I am getting old (I never admit that) and  it is getting to be a bit much for me to do.

Please be as generous as we have always been.

Upcoming Undie Sunday Events

Nothing scheduled at this time.