Most classes are offered without charge, although a small fee may be asked to cover materials or to compensate presenters from outside UUCPA. Members, friends, and visitors to the church are invited to participate.

You can view the latest catalog of classes and groups in the latest ARE brochure:

Please email about the availability of childcare at least two weeks prior to the event. (650-494-0541)

For information on any Adult Religious Education class, seminar or workshop, contact the church office, or send an email to

Pre-registration is encouraged, if only because it helps us plan for setting up the classes.  In some cases, pre-registration is required. You can sign up three ways:

  • In the three-ring binder at the Adult Religious Education table on the church patio on Sunday mornings
  • By calling the church office (650-494-0541)
  • By emailing the church office ( )

Adult Religious Education Committee Chair: Kay Brown

ARE Classes

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Ongoing Events

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