The Honorable Harvest

Last month we heard about Robin Wall Kimmerer’s ideas on what it means to be indigenous and what it means to become naturalized. We dip into her wisdom again to learn about the Honorable Harvest, “a practice both ancient and urgent,” in her words, that helps us to meet the earth with thanks and respond with our own generosity toward the land that needs us as well. We’ll summon up that gratitude and generosity together in our intergenerational Thanksgiving service. And as part of our annual practice in interdependence, we’ll begin our Guest at Your Table support for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Guest musician: Libby Kardontchik, piano



Grief is said to be linked with Love. When it comes, it is a violent, permanently life-altering experience. Today, in the spirit of Love writ large, we name and honor the grief within and among us. Music: Anneliese Messner, soprano.

More Than Voting

A democracy is a tall, intricate tower, built of many levels. The media focus on “big elections”–president, governor, Congress–and savvy activists know that there are many others, just as important in building the whole structure. And then there are the many other ways we, the rulers of this land, determine its future, some of which are self-evidently involved in democracy (such as rights organizations and efforts to expand voting access) and others less so. We’ll look at some of the hidden parts of the tower today. Special music: Dawn Walker, flute

Don’t forget to set your clock back, unless you want to arrive at services very early!